NL East Update: The one where Francis is close to “The Decision”

With several teams vying for his talents, Jeff Francis will be making his decision soon.

Its funny how one year a guy can be the teams number one starter and lead them all the way to the World Series, only to have them get injured and you never hear from them again. That’s exactly what happened with Francis. He has no place with the Colorado Rockies anymore, but the New York Mets seem like a reasonable suitor. The Mets need another left-hander in their rotation. With Johan Santana rumored to be sidelined until the All-Star Break and Jon Niese listed as the only other left-handed starter, Francis would be a player to roll the dice on, regardless of how much he is asking for.

How will the Cliff Lee signing impact the Florida Marlins? Marlin Maniac has the answer.

Cliff Lee won’t bury the Marlins any further in the NL East, but it certainly doesn’t help their chances. The way I look at it, no one in the division, except maybe the Atlanta Braves, are ready to make a serious post-season run, so they’re not wasting good years since none of them are expected to be good. Any team with the Phillies on their schedule has to hope that they don’t get matched up against Roy Hallday, Cliff Lee, and Roy Oswalt. I can’t wait to see what these pitchers can do.

The Atlanta Braves and Dan Uggla seem to be in no rush in getting an extension done.  

Is it just me, or have contract negotiations had more attention this off-season than ever before. The two sides need to come to an agreement, and I think they will. A five-year contract seems reasonable but I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes for a year or two higher. I’m thinking this will get done sometime after New Years, so stay tuned…    

There were several heart-pounding games that had you on the edge of your seat in 2010, but Stephen Strasburgs debut on June 8th was named “Game of the Year” in a landslide victory as part of “This Year In Baseball Awards.”

Amazing, a Nationals-Pirates game was the game of the year. This was one of those moments where “everyone knows where they were”. I remember exactly what I was doing and midway through the game realized what a significant moment this was not just for the Nationals, but for all of baseball.

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Ever since signing Cliff Lee people have been labeling the Phillies as the National Leagues Yankees. The truth is they are far from it. The Yankees are entirely built on buying their players, and don’t give me the Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Jorge Posada, and Andy Pettitte argument because those guys were brought up in a very different era. The Yankees haven’t had a significant home grown player except Robinson Cano and Phil Hughes in the last decade. You have to tip your hat to GM Ruben Amaro Jr. for building this team piece by piece.