NL East Update: The one where Glaus is the most interesting man in baseball

Braves Blast looks at the good, the bad, and the ugly for the Atlanta Braves.

The Braves have gotten career performances from All-Star Game MVP Brian McCann, Martin Prado, and Omar Infante, not to mention Jason Heyward has had a pretty impressive rookie campaign. Troy Glaus has probably had the most interesting season of them all. In April, it looked as though his career in baseball was over, only to emerge as the team’s best player in May. Unfortunately for Glaus, he became another victim of the injury bug that eventually led to the acquisition of Derrek Lee. So essentially, the Braves can thank Glaus for getting injured since they replaced him with a more consistent player.

There was an Oliver Perez sighting last night in Atlanta. I’m sure you have an idea of how he fared.

What a downfall it has been for Ollie. The Mets aren’t even giving him an opportunity to “audition” for other teams by keeping him in the bullpen every night. I’m sure he is working hard and truly wants to get better, but the bridge is burned with the Mets. He may not realize it but it would have been better for him to accept the designation to the minors so he can at least pitch more than once every few weeks! One things for sure, Mets fans wont have to worry about bringing Ollie back for 2011…hopefully.

Phillies Nation tries to understand the enigma that is the 2010 Philadelphia Phillies.

I would still consider 2010 one of the “golden years” for the Phillies, but their window of opportunity of closing quick, especially if Jayson Werth leaves in the off-season. Even so, with one month left in the season, you can’t write off the Phillies. Anything can happen; the Atlanta Braves are only three games ahead, which is nothing for the team who over came a seven game deficit in 17 days. Circle the date…the Phillies travel to Turner Field for the last weekend of the season in what could be a division deciding series.

Marlin Maniac looks at how “clutch” Dan Uggla really is.

Obviously statistics are an integral part of baseball, its importance cannot be denied, that being said, I think some people make a little too much out of them. There are so many other factors that go into statistics, no matter how much you break them down. I guess that’s the beauty of the game, because there is no true formula or stat to measure success, that gives you wins, and gives you championships. If it was that easy to figure out then what’s the point of being a baseball fan?

Nats 320 looks at John Lannan’s latest impressive start against the St. Louis Cardinals.

Sending Lannan down to the minors to work on his control looks like the best decision the Nationals have made all season! In his six starts since returning to the big club on August 1st, Lannan is 4-1, striking out 22 batters, and walking just five. He still needs to work on going deeper into games but the improved control is something Nationals fans have to be happy about. Lannan has proved that he is willing to bite the bullet and accept a demotion for the betterment of his team and more importantly, himself. Oliver Perez could have learned a thing or two from him.