NL East Update: The one where K-Rod sends family member to hospital (no joke)

The circus continues in Queens, this time Francisco Rodriquez is in custody on assault charges.

It just never ends does it? You can’t make this up. Seriously, right when you think you’ve seen it all with the Mets, they do something like this. If this doesn’t doom the Mets season, I don’t know what will. The team has a real problem on their hands. Just when K-Rod was getting praised for his great outings, this happens. If I were the Mets, I would suspend him for the rest of the season; it doesn’t look like they’re going to need him in significant runs any time soon. Just get this guy away from the team for the next two months; they don’t need any more distractions, on or off the field.

The Phillies Placido Polanco is having one of the best seasons you weren’t aware off.

Polanco currently has an impressive .319 average, one of the tops in the NL, but believe it or not, that number isn’t even close to the .341 average he posted in 2007. This guy can hit, his .304 career average in 13 seasons speaks for itself. Polanco has been extremely valuable to the Phillies this season, who have been banged up with injuries all season. With Pedro Feliz leaving town, Polanco came back to Philadelphia and has been another solid veteran presence for a team that has overcome much adversity this season.

Chipper Jones has suffered a torn ACL likely ending his season, and possibly a hall of fame career.

If this is the end for Chipper, and I have to think it is, one has to feel for the way he went out, by making a web gem at third place in which he went to his right, snagged a Hunter Pence ground ball turned and fired a strike to first base. Jones hurt himself coming down after the throw on a play that according the broadcasters was similar to the play where he tore the same ACL in spring training back in 1994.

After taking home the NL Rookie of the Year award in 2009, Marlin Maniac reflects on Chris Coghlan’s disappointing sophomore season.

I cant really say I’m all that surprised by Coghlan’s sub par season. Despite his great rookie year in which he hit .321 in 128 games, he didn’t show anything that gave me an impression that he had the tools to continue his success. It was almost as if last year was when his talents reached its peak. So who is the real Chris Coghlan? What type of numbers will he put up next season? His performance in 2011 could make or break his career.

Following his worst outing of his young career, Stephen Strasburg has a lot of people talking.

Strasburg struggled in his last outing against the Florida Marlins, giving up six hits and four runs in his 4 1/3 innings pitched. Sure it’s a disappointing start by the young ace, but would this be as big of an issue if it weren’t Strasburg’s first start since returning from the disabled list? Pitchers will have bad starts, especially if you’re a rookie, it doesn’t matter how good you are. Strasburg will be fine for his next outing and for the remainder of the season. I wouldn’t expect a start like this from Strasburg for the remainder of the season…unless he is facing a team like the Yankees.