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NL East Update: The one where Phillies fans are having nightmares

Phillies Nation fears the worst if the Yankees trade for Seattle’s Cliff Lee

If this trade does go down, which it very well could, Lee would like nothing more to stick it to his former team if they were to match up again in this years World Series. Lee, Sabathia, and Hughes would arguably be the best post season starting rotation ever. But of course, in order for this to happen 1) The Phillies need to start winning some ballgames and 2) the trade actually needs to happen. There is no shot Lee finishes the season in Seattle, the team has been an extreme disappointment and will likely be the focus of many trade rumors come the July 31st deadline. Why are they even worrying about Lee anyway? Sure it would have been nice to keep him, but now you have someone just as dominant in Roy Halladay, who has just thrown a perfect game in the Phillies uniform. Lee will be on the top of several contenders shopping lists, it will be interesting to see how hard the Yankees push for him.

After being dumped by the Mets three years ago, Heath Bell found a home in San Diego, but would not rule out a return to the team that gave up on him.

It looks like the Padres will be contending for the duration of the season, meaning that they will probably keep Bell for the rest of the year. Bell would be a great fit in New York if he were to return. He has grown a lot the past couple years and it is nice to hear that he still has a soft spot for the Mets. It will be interesting to see what the Mets will do after the 2011 season with Francisco Rodriquez and Heath Bell both free agents. Relievers are difficult to read because their success comes and goes quicker then any other position. Personally, I don’t know who I would rather have closing for the Mets in 2011 and beyond, we will just have to wait and see.

With the Braves in first place despite Jair Jurrjens absence, Talking Chop is happy with the performance of the Braves starting pitchers.

Tim Hudson and Chris Medlen have had fantastic seasons and are one of the several reasons the Braves find themselves in first place. Jurrjens is beginning his rehab assignment in the minors now, and will be making his return to Atlanta soon. The Braves staff will be that much better when Jurrjens is ready to go. Derek Lowe keeps picking up wins and Tommy Hanson is tenth in the NL with 80 strikeouts, making Atlanta a team no one wants to face down the home stretch.

This sort of talk was inevitable…Stephen Strasburg being named to next month’s All-Star game.

There is no reason why Strasburg should have any part in this year’s All-Star game. There would be a serious flaw in the system if that were to happen. At the time of the game he would have made about six or seven career starts, and we have no idea how those games are going to pan out. The kid has a bright future, and will likely be a lock for the Mid-Summer Classic in years to come, so do we really need to force him into this year’s game when he really doesn’t deserve it? I’m not sure if there is a rule that requires a certain amount of games played to be a candidate, but Strasburg simply should not be considered solely on the fact that he would have played less then ten games.

Fish Stripes recaps the Marlins big win over the Rays in the rubber match of the Citrus Series.

The Marlins have to feel good about this one. Playing in their interstate rivals home park, they went out and took care of the one of the leagues best teams. Florida gave Tampa’s Jeff Niemann his first loss of the year and should carry this momentum in their upcoming series at home against the Texas Rangers. Florida may not be the best team in their division but their season is far from over. If they can string together a few series wins, they can find themselves jockeying for position at the top along with the Braves, Mets, and Phillies.