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Nl East Update: The one where Pinto can’t get lefties out

Marlins fans rejoice, the team has designated Renyel Pinto for assignment.

Interesting move by Florida, Pinto has a 2.70 ERA in 20 games this season, but lefties are hitting 7 for 20 off him, that is astronomically high for a lefty vs. lefty match up. Its that simple, if your left handed reliever cant get left handed hitters out, then he has no place on the team. I think we will see Pinto in the majors again this season, whether it’s with Florida or another team. The Marlins bullpen has struggled all season, this move won’t fix all their problems, but at least it’s a start.

Brooklyn Mets Fan is pumped as the Mets continue their winning ways.

After much thought, I have come to the conclusion that the Mets truly are a good team, I see them winning 85 games this season and won’t be making the same mistakes we are used to seeing this team do. Two consecutive sweeps on the road and now a shutout of their cross-town rivals at Yankee Stadium makes the Mets one of the hottest teams in the league right now. Their success has come from the players you would least expect such as Angel Pagan, Ike Davis, Jon Niese, and R.A. Dickey. The Mets really caught lightning in a bottle with Dickey, I didn’t even know he was still in the league until the Mets signed him in the off-season. He looks unhittable out there, probably because no one in the division has ever seen him before; Dickey had spent his entire career in the American League prior to 2010.

Phillies Nation offers some solutions as to where Ryan Howard’s power numbers have gone this season.

Ryan Howard has 11 home runs so far this year, the lowest number he has put up this late in a season in his entire career. The numbers show us that the percentage of his fly balls that left the park have declined rapidly since his 2006, the year in which he hit 58 home runs. Maybe pitchers have finally figured out his wheelhouse, and are doing a great job of staying away from throwing any pitches to his hot spots. Howard’s ability and talent hasn’t gone anywhere, he is still as powerful and dangerous as he ever was, but opposing pitchers have made the adjustments in facing him, so it is now time for Howard to make some adjustments to his hitting approach.

What kind of Nationals blog would we be without mentioning Stephen Strasburg’s name at least once every 24 hours? Here is a recap of his third career start against the White Sox, a game in which the 44th President was in attendance for.

Looking at the box score it was another amazing game by Strasburg. Seven innings, four hits, one run, ten strikeouts, and no walks. Unfortunately, it was the fundamentals that killed him tonight. Failing to cover first base, not getting the bunt down in a key situation are all the small things that he had trouble with in the game against Chicago. In his post game press conference he put the blame on himself for failing to do the basics and vowed to work hard on them in the coming days. This came as music to the Nationals fans ears; their 21-year-old superstar may be one of the most humble players in the league. You can bet that Strasburg will not let any of those mistakes happen again, he hasn’t given us any reason to doubt him so far…By the way, to check out all of Strasburg’s record-breaking strikeouts, Click here.

The AL East has long been considered the class of baseball, but Braves Blast thinks that the NL East has finally caught up to them.

The NL East is good but not great, they are a young division who will continue to improve. The AL East is still elite, but their stars are aging and their golden years are likely behind them. The NL East is going to be good for a long time; there are so many young stars on each and every team. What it comes down to is championships, the Yankees, Red Sox, and Rays have all had championship experience, but it has just been the Phillies who have any experience for the NL East. For the division to create a legacy that will be remembered, other teams will have to make some noise in October.