NL East Update: The one where Sandy plays it safe

Unlike previous off-seasons where the Mets were determined to acquire the biggest names available, Sandy Alderson & company will be playing it safe this year.

Carlos Beltran, Johan Santana, Francisco Rodriquez, and Jason Bay are just a few of the big names that New York has lured to Queens since 2005. This strategy did not work for former GM Omar Minaya, so Alderson won’t be making the same type of moves as his predecessor. It is best for the Mets to keep their noses out of the free agent market this season and stay away from those large contracts. Lets be honest, they’re not the Yankees or Red Sox, meaning they can’t rely on signing top free agents to be contenders each season.

Now that Jayson Werth is with the Nationals, the Phillies are looking for someone to play right field.

Xavier Nady is one of my favorite players in baseball, and it’s not because of his name. Although Nady would be a serious downgrade offensively for the Phils, he would be a cheap solution for the right field vacancy and could platoon with the young Domonic Brown. The chances of this happening aren’t very high but it is certainly something to consider if Nady is available late in the off-season.

The Atlanta Braves have acquired reliever Scott Linebrink from the Chicago White Sox in exchange for minor league pitcher Kyle Cofield.

For being a reliever, Linebrink has actually been pretty consistent in his 11-year career. However, like I’ve said many times here on The Nats Blog…you never know what you’re going to get from relievers. Linebrink won’t be a savior for the Braves bullpen by any means, but he will likely be a reliable set-up man all season. Not a bad move by Atlanta.

The Florida Marlins trust Chris Coghlan, but does anyone else?

I for one, do not trust Coghlan, and I’m not even a Marlins fan. Now that Cameron Maybin is in San Diego, Florida plans to put Coghlan in center field one year after suffering a season ending knee injury. The only man I would trust playing center on a balky knee is Carlos Beltran since he has seemingly been doing it forever. Coghlan has not proved anything to me yet despite winning the NL Rookie of the Year in 2009. I also think it is a dangerous idea to move him from the infield to the outfield, and then possibly back to the infield.

Nats320 was “floored” upon hearing the details of the Jayson Werth deal.

I keep going back and forth on this. Werth will definitely bring some excitement to DC but how big of an impact will he really have? And was it really necessary to give him seven years? Will the team be too financially strapped to resign Ryan Zimmerman after 2013? And what about the contracts of Stephen Strasburg and Bryce Harper? So many questions…