NL East Update: The one where the Braves never say die

With all of the uncertainty surrounding the Mets future, Mets Blog wonders about what’s in store for Jose Reyes and David Wright.

It wasn’t too long ago that Wright and Reyes were signing extensions to their contracts and were the kings of New York…How the times have changed. I realize Reyes has been out for a year and is still “rusty” but ultimately, it is quite obvious these two core players are not what we thought they were. Reyes has suffered major setbacks in his development and Wright has not shown that he can carry this team on his back. Even with Omar surrounding the two with incredible talent like Francisco Rodriquez, Jason Bay, and Jeff Franceour (to name a few), they just have not been able to put anything together, and the Phillies success doesn’t make things any easier.

Beer Leaguer recaps the gutsy Phillies win over the Cubs with the ancient Jose Contreras coming through in unfamiliar territory.

Who needs Brad Lidge and Ryan Madson when you have Danys Baez and Jose Contreras? The thing that separates championship teams from everyone else is that they can insert anyone into a certain situation and have them deliver. Contreras had never had any closing experience until now, and so far he hasn’t disappointed. The Phillies are starting to get a stranglehold on the division, which is not good news for the four other teams. As we head into the dog days of summer, Philadelphia could find themselves with the division pretty much wrapped up by August. Who knows though, it is completely possible that Contreras and Baez have a bad week and all of their recent success is forgotten. Both pitchers are vulnerable to breaking down which should be a concern to Charlie Manuel, who should keep a close eye on their workload.

Watch out everyone! Here come the never say die Atlanta Braves.

Talk about a miracle finish. Earlier this season it was the Reds who were getting all the walk off victories, but now they have just become another victim to the Braves resurgence. I’ve been saying it all along, this team has talent and there was no reason for them not to be competitive in the division THIS season. Sure they had a 9 game losing streak earlier this season, but guess what, the Mets had an 8 game winning streak this season as well, and look at them now. It’s not just the fact that they have won all these games, its HOW they have won these games. Literally staring defeat in the face, the Braves put together unquestionably the greatest comeback in their 135-year history! Brooks Conrad of all people. If that doesn’t give him confidence for the future, then I don’t know what does.

Fish Stripes reports that Hanley Ramirez has apologized to each of his teammates individually following the “jogging” incident in a game against the Diamondbacks.

Alright, so Hanley apologized individually to his teammates, good for him, the only question I have now is were these apologies sincere or was it done just to put the issue to bed. Its only May so its not like he could have let this go on for the entire season. This whole scenario is so bizarre you just hate to see something like it even happen. Florida had the potential to be a surprise team this year but now they will always have this issue following them like a dark cloud. The best way for Hanley and the Marlins to completely move on from this is to flat out win. Winning simply put is the cure for anything and everything, but does this team have it in them to overcome this unnecessary controversy?

Believe it or not were already a quarter of a way done with the baseball season and with the school year finally coming to an end for many, Federal Baseball did us the honor of filling out the Nationals report card.

After tallying up all of the grades, the average came out to be a C+, which seems to be surprisingly low considering the expectations this team had coming into the season. I was also surprised to see that Tyler Clippard didn’t earn an A with his performance thus far. What else does this pitcher need to prove? He has established himself as one of the best relievers in the game and has finally found a home in Washington after being cast off by the Yankees of all people. Clippard also leads the team with 7 wins and has an astonishing 87% strand rate! Sure he walks quite a few batters but that should not take away from his career saving performance in the first two months of the season.