NL East Update: The one where the Marlins boost their rotation

The Florida Marlins have brought Javier Vazquez back to the NL East by signing him to a one year, $7 million deal.

Marlin Maniac doesn’t lie when they say this deal is the biggest splash the team has made in the free agent market since signing Carlos Delgado in 2005, and Delgado only spent one year in Florida before being shipped to the New York Mets. Vazquez will be a nice addition behind Josh Johnson. And remember, it was just one year ago he finished fourth in NL Cy Young voting. There are still a lot of productive years left in that arm.

Could the Nationals Josh Willingham be sent up the interstate to Philadelphia?

If Jayson Werth were to leave the Phillies, which is very likely, Willingham would not be as much of a downgrade as some would think. When comparing Werth’s numbers to Willingham’s, they are incredibly similar. Willingham wouldn’t be the biggest threat in the Phillie lineup but he certainly isn’t a player to overlook. He is also very familiar with the NL East foes having played with the Florida Marlins and Nationals in his seven-year career.

The Mets and the oft-injured Chris Young are close to a deal…or not.

Standing at 6 foot 10 inches, this Princeton grad has an intimidating presence on the mound. I think this would be a nice move for the Mets since it is somewhat out of the ordinary for this team, meaning that Omar Minaya would have never showed interest in him. The Mets have nothing to lose with Young by signing him to one year. With all of the question marks surrounding their rotation, they need as many starters they can get their hands on.

Talking Chop reflects on the shortstop the Atlanta Braves gave up on and the one they got in return.

Yunel Escobar and Alex Gonzalez are two tremendous players, and this deal grabbed several people’s attention when it went down in July. Escobar was the younger, up and down player with potential, while Gonzalez was the savvy veteran who you would trust on the field in a key situation. The Braves felt it was worth making this happen because they realized Escobar was not on his way to becoming the next Derek Jeter or Cal Ripkin Jr. at shortstop so he was expendable. I think Atlanta won out in the end no matter what type of player Escobar becomes.

Despite Washington making an offer, Jorge De La Rosa has decided to stay in Colorado.

This isn’t anything to be disappointed about if you’re a Nationals fan. Sure it would have been nice to acquire at least one pitcher by now, and a left handed one at that, but for some reason I just don’t see De La Rosa as being a “marquee” pickup. On the bright side, I hear another left handed starter is available