NL East Update: The one where the Mets gambled and lost

MetsBlog takes a look at how the Mets Opening Day lineup literally fell apart right before their eyes.

Wow, looking at that Opening Day lineup sure makes a Met fan cringe. The problem with each of those starting nine was that each one of them had to have a career year for the team to make any noise, and obviously that did not happen. This lineup alone is enough to show the average baseball fan how the Mets front office operates, acquire big name players who have had a breakout year or two and hope they can bring that magic to New York, clearly this strategy does not work. I like this current group of young players the team is throwing out there every day. Naturally there will be a move here and there in the off-season but for the first time in recent memory the Mets will go into a new year with a large youth overhaul.

For the Philadelphia Phillies, having the best record in the National League is certainly something to play for.

I was not aware that the team with the best record in their league decides on their scheduling. What a great incentive to finish out the year strong, even if you are running away with the division. This rule benefits the Phillies more than any other team because of Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt, and Cole Hamels, who already has a World Series MVP under his belt. Regardless of whether they hold the best record or not, if the Phillies make the playoffs, watch out. We are so used to their tremendous hitting down the stretch, but this year it is their starting pitching that has other teams worried.

Nyjer Morgan in a Washington Nationals uniform for 2011…chanceless.

There is no doubt Morgan has the ability to be a “premier defensive center fielders that have potential to hit at the top of the order and have the potential to steal 50 or 60 bases” but so do several other players in the league. If Washington decides to get rid of Morgan in the off-season it would be a PR move more than anything. Honestly, I don’t mind Morgan as a player, but seriously, I don’t think I have ever seen one player make so many bonehead decisions in one season, and that’s not including the brawl with the Marlins.

Marlin Maniac makes a bold statement by saying the Andrew Miller is finished.

I remember hearing a lot about Miller when the Detroit Tigers drafted him almost 5 years ago. Like most people, I was excited by what I saw and expected him to become a star in the league. When he was traded to the Marlins in the Miguel Cabrera deal I feared that he would become the next dominant pitcher in the NL East. The Marlins waited for years for him to “breakout” but he hasn’t made any progress. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for him.

The Philadelphia Phillies overtake first place thanks to another team’s struggles…what else is new?

Is there reason for concern if you’re a Braves fan?Of course there is, look who your dealing with. The Phillies have been here before and most importantly they know how to win in September. Atlanta can’t wait for the Phillies to stumble, because they won’t, the Braves have to stop worrying what the Phillies are doing and focus on their own games. This race will go down to the wire and is far from over.