NL East Update: The one where the Mets may fire Manuel…again

With the Mets not performing up to expectations, Mets Blog gives us the latest on what the team plans to do with their coaching staff.

Regardless of what happens from here on out, I believe that the Mets should stick with manager Jerry Manuel for the remainder of the season. This isn’t the first time there has been chatter about replacing him, and several sources have said that if he were to leave, Bob Melvin would take over. Melvin had previously managed the Seattle Mariners in 2003 and 2004, as well as the Arizona Diamondbacks from 2005 to midway through 2009. To me this just sounds like a useless temporary fix, Melvin just doesn’t have the type of personality that can “light a fire” under a ball club and lead the team to a post-season run, especially in New York. Let Manuel finish what he started, see how he and the team responds, then make the decision at the end of the year.

Fish Stripes drops some interesting knowledge on what to expect from the Marlins at the trade deadline.

The Marlins situation is interesting, similar to the Nationals, we have heard all year that the team will move some of their big name players and be one of the most active teams before the deadline, only to begin to hear rumors that they will keep their team intact. I have a gut feeling that names like Dan Uggla and Ricky Nolasco will stay in Florida, simply because of the team’s new stadium coming in 2012. The team would much rather open up the ball park with established players as opposed to scrubs no one has ever heard of. If the Marlins do extend Uggla for three more years, we could be looking at a pretty good team by pairing him with Hanley Ramirez, Mike Stanton, and Josh Johnson. But knowing the unpredictable decision making of this franchise…anything can happen.

The Braves are first place in the NL East, but that doesn’t mean there not looking to upgrade.

Centerfield is the number one priority for this team, and it sounds like it’s going to be Cody Ross or bust. It’s just hard to imagine the Braves moving on without addressing this issue. At this point, Nate McLouth is practically running himself out of town, the guy is hitting .168 and has shown no signs of improvement all year, something has to happen. Other than that, Atlanta’s won’t be looking to upgrade any other positions. Their starting rotation is great, their bullpen is one of the tops in the league, and their lineup has been overachieving…what else could you ask for?

Phillies Nation has had it with Roy Oswalt’s trade demands, its giving him a LeBron James and Chris Paul reputation.

Philadelphia has had a tough time finding their number two ace to go behind Roy Halladay. First they missed out on bringing Cliff Lee back or acquiring Dan Haren, then we speculate that Roy Oswalt could very likely end up with the Phillies only to hear that those talks are virtually dead and he is on the doorstep of becoming a St. Louis Cardinal. This reminds me of the Halladay situation from last year. All season Halladay’s success on the mound was overshadowed by trade talk right through the deadline. And even after the deadline passed we were trying to figure out where he would land in the upcoming off-season. Oswalt is 6-12 on the season, but don’t let that record fool you, it’s not his fault he plays on a sub-par team that can’t score runs. His 3.42 ERA is right around his career average and he is projected to reach just shy of 200 strikeouts for the season. Oswalt just needs a change of scenery, put him in a winning environment and we will see glimpses of the Oswalt of old.

Federal Baseball can’t understand why his hometown team doesn’t get any love.

The article brings up some valid points, such as the fact that it is hard to find any Nationals games on at a bar, and many people in the city don’t even know what channel they play on. That being said…what else do you expect? Sure DC was begging for a team to come to the city for years, but if you don’t put a good product on the field, why would you expect anyone to show up, let alone care. This is the standard for all professional baseball teams, they go through some highs and they go through some lows, it’s a vicious cycle. This is just the Nationals fifth year in Washington, and up until this season, they didn’t have an identity, there was nothing to be excited about. Every team needs that big break, that one player to put them on the map and carry them over the hump, it looks like Stephen Strasburg and Bryce Harper can be those guys for this franchise. Lets see how far they can bring the team in the next five to ten years, then we can start worrying about whether or not baseball is significant in Washington.