NL East Update: The one where the Mets want a refund

With the news that Francisco Rodriquez will be out for the remainder of the season after injuring himself in the melee with his father in law, the Mets are looking for a way to void his contract.

I applaud the Mets for trying to make this move, but did they really have any other choice? As a Mets fan, I was hoping that the team would suspend K-Rod for the remainder of the season only to learn that they just gave him a two-game “slap on the wrist” penalty. Finding out that K-Rod is not only out for the year, but the team also has a chance of voiding his contract was music to my ears, despite the huge PR hit they are taking. Why reward someone by allowing them to play the final two months of the season?

Now that Chipper Jones will be sidelined for the rest of the season, the Braves are looking into acquiring Clint Barmes from the Colorado Rockies.

This is an interesting rumor, but is it really worth it? I can only see this working by solidifying your bench for the post-season. Sure Brooks Conrad is….well, Brooks Conrad, but he has enjoyed a surprising season coming up with big hits in clutch situations. And who could forget about Martin Prado, who is having a career year hitting .315 with 13 home runs and 43 RBI. If I were Atlanta I would stand pat and not do anything too crazy, Clint Barmes is a nice player, but he is not the missing link with Chipper out.

The season began with Fredi Gonzalez, almost finished with Bobby Valentine, but will end with Edwin Rodriquez at the helm, now the question is, who will begin next season as the manager of the Florida Marlins?

This may be the least coveted position in baseball. Have the Marlins ever had a “truly” successful manager? Even Jim Leyland and Jack McKeon, had their ups and downs with the team. Buck Schowalter is no longer available, Bobby V is out of the question, so where does this team turn? Its not like they have been making the job look all that appealing. I feel like the teams struggles have more to do with the players then the manager, but isn’t the managers responsibility to get the best out of his players?

Carlos Ruiz batting leadoff? Is the idea as crazy as it seems?

Yes, yes it is. A leadoff hitter should not only exude the ability to get on base, but they also need to disturb a pitchers normal routine with the threat of a stolen base. Jose Reyes is actually quite good at this. On the season, Ruiz has no stolen bases and just one attempt, not quite what teams expect out of their leadoff hitters. Even with Jimmy Rollins struggling to get on base via the hit, his on base percentage is still a solid .340, keep Rollins at the top of the lineup, why would they do it any other way?

Just like last year, the Nationals signed the number one overall pick with seconds to spare.

Bryce Harper has agreed to a deal, $9.9 million over five years, $6.25 million in bonus, and $500,000 in roster bonuses in 2014 and 2015. Nats fans must be relieved that this is all over, can you imagine if the two sides didn’t agree? Unlike Stephen Strasburg, don’t expect Harper to be in a Nationals uniform anytime soon, the kid is only 17 years old and likely wont be in the majors until 2012…as late season call-up. That being said, we all know anything can happen in baseball and we as fans must take the evolution of the young star one step at a time. Let the Bryce Harper watch begin!