NL East Update: The one where the Phillies are private eyes

With the news that Phillies bullpen coach, Mick Billmeyer, allegedly used binoculars to rely signs to Phillie hitters, Phillies Nation gives his take on the “unwritten” rules in sports.

This is always an interesting topic because most everybody has differing opinions. For me, I had played baseball my entire life up until college, and like the others who did the same, I have pretty much been through and seen it all in baseball. I can remember standing on second base and the thought of looking at the catchers fingers sometimes crossed my mind but I never did. This is not because of any “unwritten” rules of the game, but because I felt like I had much better things to be worrying about…like getting picked off or looking at the third base coach. By now everyone has heard about the Dallas Braden and Alex Rodriquez feud and to be honest I just think the whole thing is silly. He sounds like that 4th grader who always made the big deal about some 1st grader sitting in the back of the school bus. So with that, like the article says, just please shut up and play baseball.


Watch out for the Braves, they are currently the hottest team in the east with a three-game winning streak!

For whatever reason, the Brewers are terrible at home, so good for the Braves to take advantage of that by breaking out the brooms. Atlanta was resilient, even in their 9-2 win, after Milwaukee tied the game at 2-2 in the sixth, the Braves offense scored 2 in the seventh, 2 in the eighth, and then 3 in the ninth. Derek Lowe gave Atlanta exactly what they needed on Wednesday going a solid 6 innings while giving up 2 runs. Despite all the negativity surrounding Derek this season, it all comes down to winning games and no one else on the Braves staff has as many wins as Lowe. Since 2002, Lowe has made at least 32 or more starts and won 12 or more games every year…how is this guy not referred to as the “iron man” of pitching!


Mets Blog speaks his mind on the biggest issues surrounding the team.

Cerrone makes a good point when he asks why people haven’t been making as big of a deal of Francoeur’s struggles as they are with Wrights? You can always expect him to make the plays in the field, but his hitting has been atrocious of late…and he was easily the best hitter of the team in the first few weeks of the season. It’s amazing how the Mets put together an 8-game win streak when their big hitters in the lineup haven’t been on the same page all season. It seems like when Francoeur is hot, Wright is not, or when Wright is hot, Francoeur is not. Recently, it seems like Rod Barajas has been picking up the slack for the entire Met lineup. If one things for sure, unlike previous years, the Mets pitching, especially the bullpen (nevermind what K-Rod did Wednesday), is good enough to keep them competitive in ball games. The offense needs to start clicking so all the quality innings being pitched don’t go to waste.

Marlin Maniac profiles right hander Clay Hensley, who has reinvented himself this season down in Florida.

Just when you think a pitcher is washed up and has no place in the league, they sign with someone else and become something special. Hensley’s story reminds me of how the Padres Heath Bell “found himself” in San Diego after years of frustration with the Mets where he was called up and sent down on a regular basis. I can assure you that no one with the Mets could have predicted the success Bell has now. The beauty of pitching is that all you need is a little adjustment here, a little tinker there, and you could be a completely different person on the mound. Hensley is now a strikeout machine thanks to his “Lincecum-esqe” change-up and is one of the more reliable arms Freddi Gonzalez calls upon out of an otherwise mediocre bullpen.