NL East Update: The one where the PIrates gave up on Oliver Perez….FOUR YEARS AGO

Following his banishment to the bullpen, there have been several rumors circulating about what the Mets plan to do with Oliver Perez.

It’s hard to believe that this is the same Oliver Perez who started for the Mets in Game 7 of the 2006 NLCS against the Cardinals. Enough is enough, the Mets have to get rid of him. He has no value in the rotation or bullpen and is not showing any signs of improvement. If there is anyway he can salvage his career, it won’t be in New York. Perez needs a change of scenery where he won’t consistently be in the spotlight, but its his attitude that is causing all of the issues. For three years now, the Mets have been giving him his chance to turn things around, to find any sort of consistency but all we have seen is that he is consistently inconsistent. I realize it must be hard for a major leaguer to swallow their pride and accept a trip to the minors, but what does he have going for him with the Mets? The best thing for him is to head to Triple AAA Buffalo and hope another team in the league is willing to take a chance on him.

Roy Halladay accomplished something that has only been done 20 times in the 135- year history of the league…Phillies Nation shares his thoughts on this “perfect” moment.

Unbelievable, its only the first day of June and we have already seen three no hitters in baseball this season, two of which were perfect games coming within three weeks of each other. With the type of numbers Halladay has put up in his career thus far, its hard to believe he hasn’t already thrown a no-hitter, its almost as if he was destined to accomplish the feat. What’s even more impressive was the circumstances he was facing. The Phillies bats have been struggling to score runs and continued their difficulties against Josh Johnson on this night. But a 1-0 lead didn’t faze Halladay, who else would you rather have on the mound in that situation. With 11 stikeouts, Doc was in complete control, literally mowing down Marlin hitters one by one. Its games like this where you know exactly where you were and exactly what you were doing when you watched history being made before your eyes.

Unfortunately for the Florida Marlins, they were the team who suffered defeat at the hands of Roy Halladay, but its how they plan to commemorate the feat that has people scratching their heads.

Hmmm…can’t say this makes any sense to me. If anything, why don’t they just give him the pitching rubber and home plate and leave it at that? I can’t think of any other team doing something like this, let alone recognizing an accomplishment that an opponent did at the expense of your team. Why doesn’t Florida focus more on their 1997 and 2003 championship teams, two teams that came out of nowhere to shock the baseball world, I bet people would appreciate that more. However, I think it will be cool thing to visit before a game, any true baseball can appreciate that, even if it was against your team. It’s too bad the perfecto had to come in the Marlins current ballpark. Not only does no one show up to the games but SunLife Stadium is one of the few parks left that hosts baseball and football, making for an unusual field arrangement.

The Atlanta Braves are now first place in the NL East…I know, I can’t believe it either.

Its going to be that type of year for this the NL East in 2010, making for some exciting baseball as the pennant races heat up. It wasn’t too long this team had lost 9 consecutive games and was looking at packing it in for the season (from my perspective at least). What made their win to take over the lead even more impressive is that it came against the team who now finds themselves in 2nd, the Philadelphia Phillies. Who knows, maybe Atlanta is a legitimate playoff contender, if they don’t get the division there is always the Wild Card. Things are going to get a lot more interesting when Strasburg gets the call which will likely make the Nationals a big threat to any team that is in first. Jason Heyward should be an all-star, as well as Martin Prado and Brian McCann who has a fair argument to make the team as well. The Braves have been through it all this year and at this point, nothing can faze them.