NL East Update: The One Where The Subway Series Is Boring

Brooklyn Met Fan wonders if the Subway Series games between the Mets and Yankees has lost some of its mojo in recent years.

This is not the first time I have heard someone point this out. The Mets and Yankees have now been meeting six times a year since 1997 and once in the World Series. Personally, I have never understood the argument as to why people do not like Interleague play, what’s the big deal? Don’t you get tired of seeing the same teams every year, why not change things up every once in a while and have your team play in a city it rarely goes to? Of course some of the passion is gone from the Subway Series because the Mets haven’t been very good, while the Yankees continue to rack up championships. Naturally there was a lot more excitement in the beginning because it was the first the two teams had faced each other…you can’t expect that type of hoopla to last forever.

With the depleted Phillie bullpen riding Jose Contreras as long as he can take them, Beer Leaguer is waiting for White Sox GM Kenny Williams to begin shopping JJ Putz and Bobby Jenks.

Even with a 5.40 ERA, I would love to have Jenks on my team, a 12 K/9 clip speaks for itself. He has been pitching through injuries as of late and maybe just needs to be on a winning team to lower that ERA? I think he would be a great fit in Philadelphia and would give their bullpen a much-needed boost to carry them through the rest of the season. As for Putz…I just don’t know. After some dominant years in Seattle, he hit a wall in 2009 upon his arrival to the Mets and missed a majority of the season to some arm problems. He hasn’t been too bad for the White Sox this year but I fear that he is one injury away from his career being over.

Marlin Maniac details Jorge Cantu’s “inevitable regression to the mean.”

Cantu had a .311 average in the month of April, only to see that drop down to .262 for the month of May, making his season average at a solid .287. Its not that we should necessarily be panicking over this last month because Cantu’s career average is .278, so you just have to look at it as  “regressing to the mean”, and there is nothing wrong with that. He is still one of the top hitting third baseman in the National League with 8 home runs and 34 RBI. Expect Cantu to continue to hover around this number for the remainder of the year. If I were that Marlins, Cantu would be the least of my worries because Chris Coghlan, last years NL Rookie of the Year is looking completely lost at the plate and showing no signs of improvement.

In a game of comebacks, the Braves ultimately fell to the Marlins 6-4, where Kenshin “tough-luck” Kawakami is still searching for his first win as he now sits at 0-7.

Too bad for Kawakami who you would think with an 0-7 record would have a much higher ERA than his 4.93. To make matters worse, his teammate Derek Lowe is tied for third in the NL in wins with 6 and he has a 5.30 ERA. But last nights game was typical pesky Marlins baseball, constantly fighting in seesaw battles. I guess during a 162 game season your bound to have games like this, coming out flat, experiencing rally killing double plays and not hitting in timely situations. You would think Atlanta would come out fired up and want to play hard to get Kawakami his first win. He has made 9 starts on the year and only two of them were no decisions, the rest of them losses. It can’t get any more frustrating than that. You have to begin to wonder how much longer Bobby Cox will keep him in the rotation. Its not that he has been doing a bad job, he just simply can’t win for whatever reason. Hate to see this happen to pitchers who don’t deserve it.