NL East Update: The one where Utley is aging

After an injury plagued 2010 season, Phillies Nation wonders if Chase Utley is breaking down.

I wouldn’t go as far to say that Utley is “breaking down”, but I think his MVP worthy seasons are behind him. Age is something the Phillies have to address this off-season. Its hard to believe that Ryan Howard will be turning 31 later this week, not to say that 31 is old by any means but it seems like yesterday he was an up and coming star. The Phillies will likely keep their core together for another year or two, but the youth movement needs to begin, starting with Domonic Brown.

American League teams in search of an outfielder or designated hitter should take a serious look at Carlos Beltran.

I don’t think this would be the worst move in the world for the Mets. Beltran is probably better suited in the AL at this point in his career being a DH. But it all comes down to what the Mets want to do. Injuries has set him back the past two years, so the question becomes…does he have any healthy seasons left? I would like to see the Mets go in a younger direction even if that means they have to take on a “significant portion of his $18.5 million salary for 2011.”

In a year full of outstanding performances by rookies, Buster Posey beat out Jason Heyward for the NL Rookie of the Year honor.

Heyward had an amazing rookie campaign, but it’s hard to argue against Posey, who led his San Francisco Giants to a World Series title. The biggest surprise I see in the voting results is that Neil Walker of the Pittsburgh Pirates and Starlin Castro of the Chicago Cubs ranked higher than Ike Davis of the New York Mets. Not to take anything away from those players but Davis was a solid threat at the plate and was worthy of a Gold Glove with his performance at first base.

Three years later, it looks like the Tigers got the best of the Miguel Cabrera trade.

Looking back on this deal, it may have been as lopsided as it gets. The two big prospects that the Tigers gave up were Andrew Miller and Cameron Maybin, both of whom were traded this past week. But you can’t blame the Marlins for making this move. Miller was the sixth overall pick in the 2006 Draft but injuries and inconsistent play has put him on his third team since entering the league. As for Maybin, I feel like the player he is now is what he will be for the rest of his career. He is one of the most athletic players in baseball but I just can’t see him being anymore productive than he is now.

All the eyes have been on Cliff Lee this off-season, but don’t forget about Zack Greinke.

I don’t know about Jordan Zimmermann, but I would give up Ian Desmond in a heartbeat to get Greinke. If the Nationals care so much about defense that they are willing to let Adam Dunn go then how can you make an argument for Desmond. The young shortstop led all of baseball with 34 errors. The next highest was Starlin Castro with 27.