Predicting the Nationals Playoff Chances with Accuscore 6/1

As we will do each week throughout the season, we will today look at Accuscore’s playoff forecaster to see how the previous weeks games influenced the division’s playoff race. Unfortionatly for Washington, they dropped -8.4% from last week due to their 2-4 west coast swing, leaving their chances at 10%. The Nats hope their chances will rise in the coming weeks if Stephen Strasburg finds immediate success in the bigs.


Stephen Oh on the NL EAST:

The Atlanta Braves capitalized on Philadelphia’s down week.  As Philly went 2-4 and dropped over 12 points the Braves went 5-1 and picked up nearly all of Philadelphia’s loss.  Even though Atlanta is only a half game behind Philadelphia as of 5/31 AccuScore still expects Philadelphia to finish the season with a 6 game lead in the NL East.  The Phillies are an impressive 15-11 on the road this season (just 13-10 at home).  If they start winning closer to 60 percent of their home games while winning just over 50 percent of the road games no other NL East team will be able to keep up.