Predicting the Nationals Playoff Chances with Accuscore 6/14

As we will do each week of the season, today we will look at Accuscore’s playoff forcaster to see how last weeks game influenced the division’s playoff race. Not suprisingly, Washingtons percentage jumped 13%, the second best turnaround of the week, and now have a 16.6% chance of reaching the postseason. A 4-2 week and the arrival of Stephen Strasburg was enough to make the team a legitimate contender in the NL, as they hope to build of off last weeks success and carry it with them through the rest of the sesaon.


Stephen Oh on the NL East

The Nationals got two great games from Stephen Strasburg.  While the 4-2 week helped them pick up +13 percentage points, the real impact is the one Strasburg has on the Nationals the rest of the season.  With another 19 or 20 starts he could definitely help the team win 14 or 15 of these games vs 9 or 10 without him.  Strasburg could help Washington win 5 more games than they would have otherwise.  The Phillies are crashing in the NL East.  A month ago they were 86.6 percent favorites in the division and now they are just 34.4 percent favorites.  The Braves and Mets also had their odds significantly increase and now all the NL East teams are finishing with an average of 83 to 90 wins.