Predicting the Nationals Playoff Chances with Accuscore 6/21

As we will do each week of the season, today we will look at Accuscore’s playoff forcaster to see how last weeks games influenced the division’s playoff race. Thanks to impressive weeks by Atlanta and New York as well as a brutal stretch by the Nationals who went winless against the Tigers and White Sox, Washingtons saw their chances drop to 5.4%. The Nationals should have an easy upcoming week at home against Kansas City and up the road at Baltimore. Washington is 4-8 since the arrival of Strasburg and 1-8 in their last nine games, not exactly what the team, or anyone else in baseball had in mind.


Stephen Oh on the NL East

The Atlanta Braves have a 2.5 game lead thanks to their 5-1 week and they picked up over 25 percentage points this week.  They had quality wins over Tampa Bay who has had a dominant road record this year.  The Mets nearly kept pace going 4-2 and their road sweep in Cleveland and even winning one vs the Yankees helped NY pick up 9 percent in the playoff race.  Atlanta and the Mets’ improvement kept directly at the expense of the Marlins (-9 percent) and the Nationals (-11 percent).  The Phillies went 3-3 and managed to go the week relatively unchanged.