Predicting the Nationals Playoff Chances with Accuscore 6/7

As we will do each week throughout the season, today we will look at Accuscore’s playoff forcaster to see how last weeks games influenced the division’s playoff race. The Nationals stumbled again for the second consecutive week and now find themselves with a 3.6% chance at making the postseason. Washington won their first game in Houston, but dropped the next 3 to an inferior Astros team, this was a series they should have won.



Stephen Oh of on the NL East

The Atlanta Braves were 5-2 to continue their hot play, but they still only have a 24 percent chance of making the playoffs.  They hold a 2 game lead on Philadelphia after they swept Philly to start the week.  Even though the Phillies bats went silent for a while AccuScore still believes they are the team to beat in the NL East.  Florida went just 3-4 this week but picked up +3.7 percent in the playoff race. This can be attributed to the call-up of Michael Stanton whose bat could help Florida win 2 to 4 more games this year than they would have without him.