“The Injury Guy” Will Carrol, writes about Strasburg’s shoulder

Under The Knife, 7/28/10 – Baseball Prospectus:

“My phone dinged about 30 times in the space of a minute and no, that’s no exaggeration. Stephen Strasburg had been pulled from his start. Early word was that he was pulled by GM Mike Rizzo as a precaution, something Rizzo would later confirm, showing just how closely Strasburg is being monitored. The word was that Strasburg had difficulty getting loose in the bullpen and would be sent for images to determine what was going on. While they’re often called precautionary, no MRI really is. Teams are still cheap enough that they won’t do them for just anything, even for Strasburg. Reports are that the results showed minor inflammation in the shoulder, but no real specifics. The concerns here are where the inflammation is and what caused it, a Watergate-ian construct that Washingtonians will appreciate. Expect the Nationals to be somewhere far north of cautious with this, with the “worst case” being a shutdown for the season. We should know more in a couple days, when Strasburg will be due for his throw day. Even that’s a question at this stage.” – Will Carrol

-Strasburg has since been put on the DL. Opening Day starter John Lannan will return to fill his spot in the rotation.