Team Reactions On Strasburg’s Poor Start

What others on the team had to say:

Steve McCatty:

“He’s a competitor. He expects a lot out of himself. But this is a learning experience. That’s how you get better. If you don’t have any failures, well, more power to you. You’re going to have some failures, and you’ve got to learn from them.”

“It doesn’t mean everything has been easy, but things have sure seemed so easy for Strasburg this season. So it’s hard to predict how he’ll respond. I really haven’t seen him have too much adversity so far. I’m just taking this one in stride, seeing how he reacts.”

Ryan Zimmerman:

“We didn’t expect him to come up and dominate every single start. He obviously mentally expects to do that, but I think he knows. He’s a smart kid. He knows that he’s going to have a couple bad starts. The important thing he came back and his stuff was good. His arm looked great. He’s going to be here for a long time, so that’s what we were more about this year.”

Strasburg Himeslf:

“I’m a little disappointed in myself because I really went out there not focusing on the one thing you’ve got to focus on every other start, just going out there and competing and going with what you have. I spent the whole time worrying about trying to fix what was going wrong, instead of just letting it go and throwing the ball.”