Some notes on today’s outstanding 8-0 performance

Hernandez Number Crunching: Livan Hernandez threw a 112 pitch complete game shutout today, only allowing four hits and two walks while striking out three Brewers. When you break down what he really did with his pitches, his outing becomes that much more amazing. In his 112 pitches:

- He threw only 66 strikes, only 59%

-He reached a maximum velocity of 87.1 MPH on the day, and a low of 63 MPH.

-His fastball averaged 84.5 MPH, his sinker 84.37 MPH, his changeup 78.06 MPH, his slider 80.21 MPH, and his curveball a BLISTERING 65.56 MPH.

- He only forced a grand total of four swinging strikes.

Analysis: There terms crafty veteran and junkballer were invented for guys like Hernandez. While he can no longer reach anywhere close to 90 MPH on the gun at a consistent rate anymore, he is still able to keep hitters off balance by changing speeds. As you can see in the chart to the left, even though his fastball isn’t blowing anyone away it can still be effective because it is so much faster than his curveball and changeup. This isn’t causing batters to swing and miss (only four swinging strikes) but it’s forcing weak contact.

Return of the Zimm: No better way to test a hamstring than by legging out two doubles. Zimmerman returned full-time to the line up today and was able to stroke two doubles, draw a walk, and drive in two runs. He also made a great diving stab in the field.