Nats Paint Shirley Povich Media Center Blue

Over the teams past road trip the ball club made several aesthetic changes to Nationals Park, all of them involving painting parts of the stadium to a dark shade of blue. The most notable change is to the Shirley Povich Media Center (Press Box), which in the past was a strong red that stuck out amongst the blue seating.

Below is a picture taken by Cheryl Nichols of “Nats News Network – Off The Field” showing us how the press box looks now:

To see more of the changes you can visit her site here.

Personally I like the new look a lot. I think it’s much sleeker and it makes the stadium look less amusement park like. It’s not Disney, it’s D.C., and I think the Lerners got it right. Not to mention…the colors are now way closer to what we have here at The Nats Blog…coincidence???

In all seriousness, I think the blue will provide a much more classic and clean backdrop to what we will soon hopefully see in that stadium, October baseball.