This Week In Baseball – Jose Offerman goes for the K.O.

Jose Offerman gets banned from Dominican Baseball after punching umpire in the face

Former MLB all-star Jose Offerman punched first-base umpire Daniel Rayburn after being ejected for arguing balls and strikes. Offerman was detained after the incident, and subsequently banned from Dominican Republic Baseball. This was not Offerman’s first stint with on-the-field violence. The former second baseman faced charges in 2007 after attacking two players with a bat.

Reigning Cy Young Winner Tim Lincecum has a busy day in court

On the same day the two-time Cy Young Award winner Tim Lincecum had to file arbitration papers, he also had to pay a $513 fine to resolve marijuana charges in Washington State:

“The pitcher for the San Francisco Giants originally faced two misdemeanor charges of marijuana and drug paraphernalia possession stemming from a traffic stop on Oct. 30. The charges were reduced to a civil infraction.

Lincecum appeared in Clark County District Court before Judge Darvin Zimmerman on Tuesday morning.

He paid a speeding ticket separately.”

The biggest story in all of this was that people were actually surprised that someone who looks like Lincecum smoked pot.

Peter Gammons reports, Jason Bay has bad knee’s, sorry Mets

Gammons reported this week that the Red Sox and Bay had agreed to a four-year, $60 million deal during 2009 before a disagreement on the health of Bay’s knee’s caused them to tear the contract up. The New York Mets however either did not know about these knee problems or were too desperate to care.

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