Vote For The Nats Blog! And Me!

The Nats Blog has been nominated for the Bloguin Networks Best Baseball Blog Award. If you are a reader of the site and would like to help support us by voting, we would really appreciate it, you can click here. Also, I have been nominated for Blogger of the Year on the network as well, so if you enjoy reading my work, please vote for me as well.

If you would like some more convincing, consider these factoids:

-We were named ESPN’s Site Of The Day in June!

-Our traffic is up 1200% since last season!

-Traffic has grown in each of the past 10 months!

-We have brought in perspectives from other blogs way more often than last year.

-We brought you an NL East Update twice a week this season

-Our coverage has expanded to include our minor league sub-blog Federal Reserve

-We have had a multitude of writers contribute this year aside from me; Sam Farber, Ted Youngling, Bryce Stucki, Greg Kaplan, and Phil Naquin!

So again, if  you have an extra second we would love it if you’d vote for The Nats Blog for blog of the year, and for Will Yoder for blogger of the year.