What does history tell us about Desmond’s spring

ian-desmondSpring Training 2010 is young but one thing has made itself evident; Ian Desmond is killing the ball. So far this March he is four for seven with seven RBI, one run, and one home run. While it’s only been three games, it seems it’s enough to light a spark in the Nationals fan base and perhaps lead them to believe that Desmond, the savior at shortstop, is here to stay.

It’s times like these however that we need to remind ourselves that spring training means relatively nothing in relation to performance in the season, and that we really shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves. Don’t get me wrong, I am hoping, scratch that, praying that Ian Desmond busts out this year and takes over Guzman’s spot as the everyday shortstop, and I think he can, we just can’t use this super small sample size that is coming at the beginning of spring. If it does have any indication on performance for the 2010 season, then the Nationals are in serious trouble getting clobbered in all four of their games.

I decided to take a look back and see if a Desmond hot spring has indicated anything throughout his career, this is what i found:

2005 Spring, Age 19: .306, 36AB, 6 R
2005 Regular Season: .250/.306/.355, 7 HR, 33 SB (A/A+)

2006 Spring, Age 20: .267, 15 AB, 3 R 
2006 Regular Season : .228/.289/.346, 9 HR, 18 SB (A+/AA)

2007 Spring, Age 21: .000. 1 AB
2007 Regular Season: .264/.357/.402, 13 HR, 27 SB (A+)

2008 Spring, Age 22: .200, 5 AB
2008 Regular Season: .256/.321/. 408, 12 HR, 15 SB (RK/ AA)

2009 Spring, Age 23: .357, 14 AB, 6 TB
2009 Regular Season: 330/.401/.477, 7 HR, 21 SB (AA/AAA)

2010 Spring, Age 24: 571, 7 AB, 7 RBI
2010 Regular Season: ????

Not much here. So to be honest, his hot streak this spring may just be that, a hot streak. But Nats fans are hoping its the sign of a rising star.