Around The League: Fish Stripes Q&A Part I

In this weeks installment of the Around The League series, I spoke with Michael Jong from Fish Stripes, one of the top Miami Marlins blogs on the net to talk about his past blogging experience and what the future holds for the growing industry.

TNB: What was your motivation in getting involved with Fish Stripes?

Fish Stripes: I was previously involved with a Florida Marlins blog on another network, Marlin Maniac. With the assistance of the network, I had more or less gotten that site from the ground up, so that blog was a very personal project that I worked very hard on for the past two years. Since I’ve had to scale back on blogging on account of medical school, the requirements for the previous blog became difficult, but I was offered the position at Fish Stripes recently and found the time more manageable and the rewarding aspect just as fulfilling. It seems I enjoy blogging just too much to stay away from it.

TNB: What has been the most effective tool in making the site grow? Social media, etc?

Fish Stripes: My most effective tool has been just putting out the best content possible and letting others promote it for me. That does involve readers using Twitter and other social media aspects to spread the word, but I think focusing first and foremost on content has helped to make the site grow in the limited time that I have spent on it.

TNB: How has blogging changed you as a baseball fan?

Fish Stripes: It really has not. Aside from me having to come up with content consistently, it has not changed the way I think much. I always like to ask questions and state my opinion as objectively as possible, so blogging just lets me put it out on a platform for others to read. If there is one other thing that has changed, it is that I have met a lot of other Marlins fans and baseball fans in general through blogging that have grown to become friends, insomuch that you can have “friends” with whom you only speak about baseball and never see in person. Hey, works for me!

TNB: Where do you see the future of blogging heading?

Fish Stripes: Blogging is going to be a big deal in a lot of different fields in the future. I think it is the new form of editorial section on the newspaper: people read the news and form their opinions. The questions of quality of content are no longer so important, as the meritocracy of any given blogosphere lets quality rise to the top and become popular. If you are not putting out your best, people just will not listen, so if you want your voice to be heard, you need bring top-notch material to the table. This really eliminates the need for “editing” in the quality-assurance sense. In the next few years, this form of media is only going to grow as print media slowly recedes.