It’s Finally Here, Werth and Others Arrive Early

Pitchers and catcher officially report today for the Washington Nationals, but Jayson Werth is already setting out to prove that he was worth “Werth” every penny of the seven-year, $126 million contract he signed this off-season as he showed up to camp early.

Or maybe he has no one to spend Valentines Day with? Either way, Werth arrived today in Viera, fully bearded I may add, and ready to work. He hit the gym, played catch and hit some soft-toss with Nationals third baseman Ryan Zimmerman.

Werth and Zimmerman weren’t the only Nationals’ position players that showed up early ready to work; OF Nyjer Morgan, SS Ian Desmond and 2B Danny Espinosa were also at the training complex.

I like to see which players show up early each year, but to me, great move by the young second baseman Espinosa to show up early. Although he has seemingly been given the starting job at second base, it never hurts to make a good impression on the coaching staff and veteran players by showing up early to camp to get in peak physical condition and to build chemistry with other players.

Werth was described as “politely” passing on an interview, saying that he would address the media later this week as workouts got going.