Kevin Durant Has A Washington Nationals Tattoo

NBA superstar Kevin Durant was born and raised in Washington, D.C. before leaving to play for Texas University and eventually blossoming into one of the most exciting and respectable stars the NBA has seen in some time. He is well respected across the league not only for his ability to score (he’s led the league in scoring the past two seasons) but also because of his humility and seemingly clean cut image, something that is relatively absent from a league where players announce their signings on ESPN specials.

Today, Yahoo! Sports’ Ball Don’t Lie had a post showing the surprising amount of tattoos Durant had underneath his jersey. To my shock, one of them was a Washington Nationals tattoo, right in the middle of his abdomen.

That’s pretty cool, especially for a guy who has played his professional career in Seattle and Oklahoma City.

Durant has made no secret his affinity for Washington D.C. sports teams, and often sports Redskins paraphernalia, however this is the first I’ve seen of him showing his pride for the Washington Nationals.