Livan Hernandez: Mr. National and Class Act, What Does Future Hold?

Last week, the Washington Nationals informed RHP Livan Hernandez that he will be shut down for the remainder of the season in order to allow Washington’s coaching staff and front office to look at younger pitchers and begin to build for next season and beyond.

Hernandez, who seems to be an ageless wonder (probably because no one knows his actual age), is an impending free-agent but has expressed an interest in staying with Washington beyond this season.

Hernandez has even offered to return in a middle/long-relief role next season, however, he did state that the same offer would not be extended to other clubs, basically meaning that he is willing to make sacrifices for the Nationals’ organization but not others.

The Florida Marlins, with whom won the 1997 World Series MVP honor, are rumored to have interest in Hernandez this off-season, and with a young staff, they could use a veteran who will eat innings to mentor younger pitchers like Josh Johnson and Anibal Sanchez.

This stands out to me. It has a parallel with the selfless act by Pudge Rodriguez earlier this year, accepting his backup role to allow Wilson Ramos to be the everyday catcher. Hernandez has agreed to stay on for the rest of the season as a pitching coach/mentor, and this is just great because you don’t see this type of chivalry in the pros these days. This is a veteran knowing his place and showing loyalty to an organization that showed loyalty to him. Take notes, Jorge Posada, take notes.