Livan Rolls The Dice, Helps Bury Phillies

Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post reports on Washington’s impressive win over the Philadelphia Phillies and Livan Hernandez’s gutsy suicide squeeze with the bases loaded last night.

“With one out in the fourth inning last night, Livan Hernandez walked to the plate with the bases loaded. He noticed Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard playing behind first base, which gave him an idea that no one other than him knew about. He didn’t care that there was a force play at the plate. He was going to try to bunt home a run.

Standing on third base, Laynce Nix had no clue Hernandez was going to bunt. But for Hernandez, the situation was too perfect to pass up, even though he knew he had his problems bunting last season.”

All in all, a very fun and exciting night at the ballpark for those who were in attendance. It was good to see the Nationals get a win over the Phillies, who have been playing some great baseball as of late.

Hernandez’s gutsy play is pretty representative of how the Nats have played this season. Riggleman, and evidently now his players, have had no fear in deciding to put the ball on the ground with a bunt. The squeeze has certainly been their friend early on.