Marquis Wants To Stay in DC, Hopes For Contract Extension

With Washington Nationals RHP Jason Marquis in the final year of a two-year $15 million contract, Marquis has told Bill Ladson of MLB.com that he would prefer to stay a Washington National and hopes his contract will be renewed this off-season.

Neither side has approached the other about a contract extension, but Marquis has gone on record saying he wants a multi-year deal.

“Anybody would want a multi-year deal. That’s how the game works,” the veteran said. “I don’t think anyone would turn down a four for a one.”

In 13 starts this year Marquis has a 3.67 ERA with a 5.2 k/9, which is quite a turnaround from his disappointing 2010 campaign.

Marquis has been solid this year and it would be interesting to see what type of deal he is looking for and how much money he wants. The important thing to see here however is that a has player goes on record saying he wants to be a National. This has not been the case typically in the past with this organization, which shows that players are starting to realize this is a franchise on the up swing, which bodes well for future free-agent pursuits and roster moves to try and improve the team.