Nationals Closing In On Dernard Span? Is There A Risk?


As you can see above, Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports reported today that the Washington Nationals are continuing to target Minnesota Twins centerfielder Dernard Span.

As we wrote earlier this week, a healthy Span would fit in perfectly with the club, filling the void of a speedy, defensive minded centerfielder who can play defense. At 27-years-old, Span is the same age as the Nats’ current centerfielder Roger Bernadina, but as a career .289/.366/.391 hitter, he clearly has a stronger track record at the plate.

In my eyes, a potential problem with this deal would be that Span has had trouble returning to the Twins’ lineup since suffering a concussion in early June. As we’ve seen throughout the sports world in the past several years, concussions have become more and more of an issue, and returning from them has taken longer now that we better understand their full effects. Some players, such as Justin Morneau, and to a lesser extent, David Wright, have not been able to fully recover after suffering such injuries.

Given that, trading for Span would seem risky for Washington, especially if the price includes giving up a former first-round pick in Drew Storen. Like I said, a healthy Span could potentially fit the bill for the Nats in their need to fill a specific role on their squad, but trading away a relatively cheap top-shelf reliever for a centerfielder with an uncertain future seems risky.