Nationals Continue To Build Despite Disappointment

The Washington Nationals are starting to fall into a pattern that no team wants to fall into. Multiple times in the past few weeks the team has been linked to big-name players such as Cliff Lee, Derrek Lee, and Zack Greinke. The only problem is that none of these players currently will be donning the red and white of Washington next year.

Quite obviously, this means that the team will not be as good as they could have been in this 2011. However, it also poses the question: what is stopping these players from coming here? Is it the fan base? Is it the front office? Is it the coaching staff? More than anything else, if I had to choose, I would say that it is the team’s track record as a loser since it’s existence.

However, the team has signs of promise in the future. But unfortunately, Stephen Strasburg getting hurt was the biggest shot in the arm the ballclub could have taken, which by the way, I predicted would happen.

Luckily, the Nationals have more than just one upcoming prospect to get excited about. Bryce Harper, who was their first overall draft pick, is still in the minor league system, and while he is still a ways away from the big leagues, he is not THAT far away that Nationals fans can’t get excited about the future.

In fact, Nationals fans should start to get excited about the future. While they were passed over by some stars, they did acquire Jayson Werth, and that is no small signing.

Over the past few years, the roster has been filled with either no-names, has beens, or never-will-be’s, and while it is unfortunate, that is the reputation the team currently holds.

Need I mention Vinny Castilla, Dmitri Young, and so on and so on?

The good news? They are starting to get the team on the map. Obviously the signing of Werth was huge. They have a beautiful new stadium, and a farm system full of top draft picks. So basically my point is this: hang in there Nationals fans, because there is a light at the end of the tunnel; and it’s getting closer and closer.