Nationals Have Lowest Average Opening Day Ticket Prices

In case you haven’t noticed by the changes to the navigation bar (above) or the new widget (to the right), The Nats Blog has teamed up with TiqIQ this season to help bring you the best ticket prices and information. What they do is actually pretty cool, and can save you money if you give it a chance. Also, if you order tickets from the link above, it will help contribute money to this site…which you might like to do if you like reading our posts.

Today they’ve supplied us with this pretty cool infographic. As you can see, Nats Fans have it pretty good as we have the lowest average ticket price for Opening Day in the Major Leagues. As Nats fans we often complain about the price of tickets at Nats Park, but the demand is low enough that fans can get them at about face value.

The fact that the San Francisco Giants and the Texas Rangers are number two and three make sense because they both played in the World Series last year, but I can not understand why people are so jazzed about seeing the first pitch of the Baltimore Orioles season. There is a long baseball tradition in Baltimore but still, their average ticket prices are higher than the Phillies, Yankees, and Cubs.