Nationals Today – 1/26


Reports came out today that the Nationals have inquired about trading for Indians pitcher Fausto Carmona as well as outfielder Grady Sizemore. Carmona would be an excellent pick-up given his age and salary while Sizemore is more of an unknown quantity as he is coming off of microfracture surgery.

Given that, it leads me to wonder what incentive the Indians would have to trade these two. Carmona is under club control until 2014 for a reasonable price. Sizemore on the other hand will likely not get traded until he can prove he is healthy, and once he is he is a relative bargain at $5.6 million, so there’s not much incentive there either. Furthermore, when you consider the Indians already dropped their payroll by $20 million this offseason, what purpose would trading these relatively young and rather talented players have? The Indians need to rebuild, but neither Carmona nor Sizemore inhibit that from happening.

I don’t think this trade will happen, but if it does it will be another testament to Mike Rizzo’s hold nothing back approach to improving the Nationals this year.

Deal with Todd Coffey Finalized

The Nationals have finalized a one-year contract worth $1.35 million with Todd Coffey. It’s possible the Nationals overpaid; Coffey produced 0.0 WAR last year, worth $0 on the market. For what it’s worth, he did have a 3.52 ERA during three seasons with the Brewers. Coffey will provide stability in a Nationals bullpen that was constantly in flux last year.

Coffey was DFA’d by the Brewers last week, he made $2.025 in 2010, so at least the Nationals were able to sign him to a downgraded contract. 

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