Nationals Today – Cardinals Low Ball Pujols and Marlins Take BP In Empty Stadium

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Albert Pujols drew a line in the sand this winter, telling the Cardinals that they had until noon Feb. 16 to sign the all-time great slugger to a contract extension, or they would have to wait until the winter and sign him as a free-agent.

The deadline came and passed today, not surprisingly, and Pujols will now play out the season and go to the open market this winter. His asking price been rumored to be at an astonishing $300 million dollars over 10 seasons, and if you look at past contracts, it’s hard to really argue that he doesn’t have a right to ask for that much.

However the Cardinals shocked many today when the club gave him an offer which some are calling “insultingly” low. According to reports, the Cards offered to make him the 10th highest paid player in baseball with a 10-year deal, likely worth between 170-200 million dollars.

For any other human, that’d be quite the deal, but no player in recent history has established a 10-year resume like Pujols has:

-       More home runs than any player in history in his first 10 seasons: 408

-       Highest WAR of any NL player in history in his first 10 seasons: 83.8

-       Highest Runs Created of any NL player in history in the first 10 seasons: 1,506

-       Three MVP’s (would be five were it not for the Bonds steroid era)

-       Two home run titles, .331 career batting average, three OPS titles.

Considering his most recent team friendly contract, the Cardinals are foolish not to give Pujols a reasonable offer. Will they lose him in the long run? I really didn’t think it was a possibility until today. 

Marlins Take BP In Unfinished Stadium