Nationals Today: Henry Rodriguez Arrives Right When The Nats Need Him

The Washington Nationals imploded in the ninth inning last night, losing to the New York Mets by a score of 6-3 after having an 84% chance to win entering the ninth, according to win expectancy.

It was a rough day for Nationals news as a story broke on a Spanish website that Livan Hernandez was the subject of a federal investigation involving money laundering for Angel Ayala Vazquez, a convicted drug trafficker in Peurto Rico. While for an hour we were left trying to translate the initial story, Mark Zuckerman eventually broke it down for us here. According to him, the Nationals were aware of the ongoing investigation. It’s still early, but let’s hope this doesn’t get ugly. 

The good news for Washington is that the bullpen, who has struggled in the last several games, is about to get some help. Chad Gaudin has gone to the disabled list with right-shoulder inflammation, which has made room for the club to bring up Henry Rodriguez. If you remember, Rodriguez was the key player in the trade that sent starting left-fielder Josh Willingham to Oakland. The fire-baller jams it in with speeds hitting the high-90’s and the club hopes he could potentially be a closer candidate. Considering last night’s meltdown…the timing might be perfect.

Speaking of Oakland, the stadium which the A’s and the Raiders play in has just been renamed from the Oakland Coliseum to the Overstock.com Coliseum. Doesn’t exactly have that old time baseball ring to it does it? The naming rights reportedly will earn the county $1.2 million a year. Still, a name like that makes you happy that even though the Nationals can’t find someone to buy the naming rights to the stadium, at least we aren’t tagging our selves with ridiculous .com names.

The wrongful death trial for former Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle began yesterday. Lidle died October 11, 2006 when the plane he was piloting flew into a New York City building. The FAA claims that the crash was due to pilot errors, but the lawsuit claims the plan had a defective control system. Jason Giambi is on the witness list, which makes this the second trial he has testified in this spring.

MLB Trade Rumors has two interesting stories which potentially pertain to the Nationals. First they break down the 2013 free-agent class, and it’s a doozy. If the Nats take the next step in 2012 it’s very possible they could be gunning for some of these players. Second, they talk about how David Price and Clayton Kershaw will change the price for pitchers in arbitration moving forward, as well as their extensions when they are eligible. Think Stephen Strasburg…

Finally, this Frank McCourt vs. MLB showdown is going to get interesting, very interesting, as the owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers does not want to go quietly.