Nationals Today – Zimmerman Named Best Third Baseman In Baseball By CBS

In their pre-season Positional Rankings,’s staff ranked Washington Nationals third baseman Ryan Zimmerman tied for best in the major leagues with Evan Longoria. The rankings were based on a mixture of overall ability, value to a franchise, and fantasy value. 

The fact that Zimmerman is ranked so high on this list should come as no surprise when you consider the fact that he finished fourth in Major League Baseball in WAR last season with 7.2 Wins, despite only playing in 142 games. His elite level defense combined with his ever improving offensive game make him one of the best double threats in the game.

Still, it’s crazy to think that our Ryan Zimmerman ,who we watched grow up in the league, is finally being recognized as one of the elite players in the game. When you think of the amazing talent at the third base position, it’s even more of an honor. These players were ranked below Zimmerman/Longoria:

David Wright – .305/.383/.516 career hitter, five-time all star, two time Gold Glove winner
Alex Rodriguez – .303/.387/.571 career hitter, three-time MVP, 13-time all star, two time Golf Glove Winner, 613 home runs
Adrian Beltre- .275/.328/.462 career hitter, led the league in homers in 2004, two time Gold Glove Winner
Kevin Youkalis – .294/.394/.497 career hitter, two-time all star, won Gold Glove