NL East Update: The one the Mets get their Mr. “Wright” and Brad Lidge returns to Phillies

David Wright returned to the Mets lineup last night and boosted his club to an impressive 7-6 win over the Marlins.

Wright’s return is huge for the Mets who have somehow stayed competitive in his absence. Even though he was batting just .226 with 6 home runs and 18 RBI entering last nights game, he looked like he was in mid-season form going the opposite way for a pair of clutch hits. Hitting the ball to right field is what has made Wright so successful in his career and he has kind of gotten away from that in recent years. Hopefully for his sake he will regain his stroke and stick to that approach.

The Philadelphia Phillies welcome back Brad Lidge and bid adieu to Danys Baez. What does this move mean for the rest of their careers?

Sad to say I think thats all she wrote for Baez’ career. He could never replicate his success from the mid-2000s and it was a miracle he spent as much time in Philadelphia as he did. As for Lidge, his closing days are probably over. Ryan Madson hasn’t had any trouble finishing games for the Phillies so it will be interesting to see how Lidge is used by Charlie Manuel. I still think theres plenty left in the tank, its just a matter of finding the most effective way to use his talent.

Are the Florida Marlins smart for showing interest in the recently demoted Brandon Inge?

This rumor simply makes no sense at all. If the Marlins are trying to get value for Leo Nunez they can do a lot better than acquiring someone like Inge, who is having a career threatening season. Florida should continue with their platoon at third base with Wes Helms, Emilio Bonafacio, etc. and hope that Matt Dominquez will finally be ready for the show come 2012.

David O’Brien wonders what it would take for the Atlanta Braves to acquire Carlos Beltran.

Mike Minor is a fine young left-hander, a guy who the Mets would love to get, and as much help Beltran could be to Atlanta in the coming months, I don’t think it’d be a good idea for the them to give up so much for a two-month rental. However, the Braves have plenty of top pitching prospects like Julio Teheran and Randall Delgado on the cusp of breaking into the majors so its not like trading away Minor would completely deplete their farm system.

Do the Washington Nationals have the best bargain in baseball in Michael Morse?

Morse, like Jayson Werth and others, were late bloomers in their career. The Nationals plan to be careful on a contract extension, and they should, as great as Morse has been this year there is no way of telling how he will produce in 2012. I think he definitely has a future with the Nationals, its just a matter of whether or not he can continue to progress or fall into the dreaded “one-year wonder” category.