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NL East Update: The one where Castillo may be odd man out

Terry Collins views second base as an offensive position, so what does this mean for Luis Castillo?

If this is the case, than one would have to believe that Castillo would not win the job. Although the Mets don’t have anyone close to the level that Dan Uggla and Chase Utley are on, that doesn’t mean they can’t find someone to do the necessary things in the lineup to make things click. This will be one of the major storylines in Mets camp this spring.

Marlin Maniac tells us why he thinks Josh Johnson is worthy of being the team “ace”.

After a fantastic 2009 following Tommy John surgery, Johnson had an even better 2010. He was considered to be one of the top 3 best pitchers in the National League last season to go with Roy Halladay and Ubaldo Jimenez and will carry that title into this year, even with the arrival of Cliff Lee. I expect Johnson to live up to the billing as the team ace and have another very impressive year.

Ross Gload hopes to be the top bat off the Philadelphia Phillies bench this season.

Gload has no reason to be thrown out into the field because he is too big a liability. However he will be much better suited concentrating just on pinch-hitting, as he has the occasional home run threat. “The Phillies lived and died by their bench in back-to-back postseason appearances in ’08-09”; you can count on the fact that they won’t be overlooking the importance of the position this year.

The New York Yankees are at it again…this time inquiring about Tim Hudson.

There is not a chance in the world the Braves would get rid of Hudson on the eve of the season, especially if that team is the Yankees. They are however interesting in shopping Derek Lowe but it is unlikely that something will get done anytime soon. The Yankees are very desperate for a starting pitcher right now, so expect to hear a lot of stories like this.

Adam Kilgore reports that Ryan Zimmerman thinks that the presence of more veteran in the Washington Nationals clubhouse will matter.

The Nationals will have a load of veteran on their roster this season, meaning, “youth will not be a plausible excuse (for losing).” Its good that this team is going to be accountable, not saying that they weren’t in the past, but all of the veterans they have recently acquired have tremendous experience and success in the post-season. Hopefully they will be able to mentor the young players on the team and set a good foundation for a winning culture.