NL East Update: The one where Center Field is cursed

Check out Chop-N-Change’s take on the “black hole” that is center field for the Atlanta Braves.

Its funny how a team can have a steady cornerstone player at one position for years, only to struggle to find a legitimate successor after their departure (for example: John Elway and the Broncos). The Braves are giving Nate McLouth one more shot this season to turn things around but if that doesn’t work out there are not a whole lot of solutions. Hopefully they can find someone on the free agent market or work out a trade if it comes down to that.

Maybe the Florida Marlins should take a hint from the Tampa Bay Rays as to how to run a “cash strapped” franchise.

Since 2008, The Rays really have turned things around. Up until 2008 the franchise had only reached 70 wins just once since their inaugural year in 1998. The Marlins have shown their flashes of brilliance, but it would be nice to see some consistency like the Rays are beginning to show us.

Philadelphia Phillies manager Charlie Manuel on his expiring contract…”its just a matter of time.”

This deal will get done eventually, it would make no sense for it not to. My only question is exactly how long will the new deal be for? Manuel will be 67 years old this season and you’d have to think that if it weren’t for his monster starting rotation he would contemplate retirement. Nothing longer than five years would be my guess.

To Mets GM Sandy Alderson’s knowledge, Johan Santana has not begun throwing in his rehab program.

This is not good news for Mets fans. Everyone knows how poor this team is with handling injuries. It wouldn’t surprise me if Johan is sidelined until August or September and by then it may just be too late. It’s a real shame, lets hope he can rehab quickly and be on the mound by the All-Star Break.