NL East Update: The one where the Braves say “so long” to Lowe?

To trade Derek Lowe or not to trade, that is the question…

I see no reason to get rid of Lowe at this point. They are in the midst of a pennant race and he along with Tim Hudson are the veteran anchors of that staff. It just doesn’t make sense to me why they would try and replace Lowe with a youngster like Mike Minor or Julio Teheran, who may not be ready to handle the major leagues yet, especially if their time comes in September or October.

It’s no secret the Philadelphia Phillies are in desperate need of bullpen help, and the San Diego Padres may have just what they need.

I have a feeling the Phillies are going to land either Heath Bell or Mike Adams, which will almost assure them a spot in the World Series (Being completely series). Can you imagine if they pulled that off? Pairing Ryan Madson and Antonio Bastardo up with one of those guys would just be unfair.

The New York Mets will finally be getting their cornerstone players back this week in Jose Reyes and David Wright, but will it be enough to carry the team to the next level?

Since the All-Star break, the Mets have been playing without Reyes, Wright, Carlos Beltran, Ike Davis, and Johan Santana, but despite all of this the team is still hovering around .500. That’s simply amazin’ if you ask me. I’d really like to see this team completely healthy someday because when they are they can easily win 85-90 games a season. Take 2007 and 2008 for example, even though those years will be remembered for “the collapses”, they still posted 88 and 89 wins, respectively, and missed were eliminated on the last day of the regular season. We know they won’t stack up against the Phillies and maybe not even the Braves, but it’s definitely intriguing to think what this team has the potential of being if healthy.

Robert Dougherty wonders if the Florida Marlins are a legit team again.

Talk about a roller coaster season. Last month the Marlins couldn’t buy a win and now under the guidance of 80-year old Jack McKeon, they have finally been able to play winning baseball, even if it’s coming against the leagues worst. The Marlins have always been a pesky team. No matter what their record is they always seem to be giving their opponents problems. Expect the same as the season rolls along.

Ivan Rodriquez has said he wants to finish out his career in Washington and collect his 3,000th hit in a Nationals uniform, but will he be playing for another team by the end of the trading deadline?

Pudge in San Francisco makes sense. They need a veteran backstop in Buster Posey’s absence, so who better to have than the future hall of famer? Honestly, I don’t think Wilson Ramos is in much need of Pudge’s guidance anymore, as the 23-year old is turning into a fine ballplayer. Sure it would be nice to keep Rodriquez around for his presence and vast baseball knowledge but that would be better served for a contender at this point.