NL East Update: The one where the Mets say “No Way Jose” to Reyes trade, Carlos Beltran on the move?

After much speculation, the New York Mets have decided not to trade Jose Reyes at the deadline and will make a serious push in the off-season to re-sign him.

Bold move, but the right one. The Mets obviously will have the upper hand in the negotiations but that’s no guarantee…anything can happen in free agency. I have a feeling a deal will get done no matter what the cost. The Mets are the only team Reyes knows, and although I think he will explore the other options, he will eventually settle with coming back to New York. It’s been a treat watching Reyes play the best baseball of his life whether you like him or not. It would be hard for the Mets to lose someone with such a strong connection to the fan base dating back to 2003.

It’s a scary thought, but could the Philadelphia Phillies actually trade for division rival Carlos Beltran?

I just have a hard time believing Mets GM Sandy Alderson would pull the trigger on this one. No matter whom the Mets would get in return, reportedly Domonic Brown, the backlash from the Mets fan base would just be too much to handle. Aside from that, the trade makes perfect sense, the Phillies are in need of a power bat and the Mets are in need of some young talent. But I like the idea of shipping him to the Boston Red Sox more. Although they don’t have young talent as good as the Phillies, trading him out of the division would prevent Beltran from giving Mets fans nightmares for the next year.

Freddie Freeman entered the 2011 season as the Atlanta Braves starting first baseman. After a slow start the rookie has already found himself in elite company.

The Braves are “a National League-best 44-23 since May 1. Freeman was a major part of that, especially because some established Braves hitters were hurt or slumping during that period.” Its impressive to see what Freeman has done for Atlanta and it’s been fun to watch him evolve into the player we all knew he would become. It’s not easy making the transition to the big leagues as your teams Opening Day first baseman. The sky is the limit for this kid.

The Florida Marlins already have their contingency plan ready if closer Leo Nunez is traded by the deadline.

Nunez has had a phenomenal year closing out games for the Marlins of all teams, and because of this, he should be a hot commodity in the next couple weeks. Edward Mujica would come on in the ninth if Nunez were on the move. The reason you know Mujica is a great reliever is because he has been in the San Diego Padres bullpen the past two seasons. Just saying…

Stephen Strasburg recently 95 mph on the gun in a simulated game as his road to recovery continues.

Strasburg has been lucky he has avoided any serious setback in his rehabilitation. How can you not like the Strasburg updates? The fact that he’s hitting 95 mph and still hasn’t reached his full potential is exciting news. It’s still up in the air if he will ever pitch for the Nationals in 2011, but I can assure you that will be a story worth visiting when the time is right.