Our New Washington Nationals Podcast Now Available on iTunes

We’re happy to announce that our new Washington Nationals podcast in collaboration with Capitol Baseball is now available on iTunes for subscription.

You can subscribe to it here. That way you can enjoy our newest podcasts every time they come out on your iPhone, iPad, or other internet-enabled devices.

We hope you all enjoy this brand new adventure as much as we have. We’ll be posting a new podcast after Thanksgiving, and we can’t wait.  We hope you can’t either.  Please let us know via email, Twitter, or the comments section of this post if you have any ideas about what you’d like us to discuss. 

In the next few days, we will be posting stories about what we’re thankful for going into the wondefully American Thanksgiving holiday.  We hope you’ll check back with us to read and comment.

Joe Drugan

About Joe Drugan

Joe is the Managing Editor of The Nats Blog and host of the Nats Talk On The Go podcast. He's been blogging about the Nationals since 2010 and with The Nats Blog since 2011.