Podcast: Partnership with Capitol Baseball for new Washington Nationals Podcast


Today, we’re thrilled to announce a new Washington Nationals podcast for fans across NatsTown to enjoy.  We’ve partnered with Capitol Baseball in an exciting new adventure.  Our goal is to do a few more of these this offseason and then start up with some regularity in the 2012 season.  We’d love to hear your thoughts, so please leave them in the comments or send us messages on Twitter or via email.  We’d love to hear from you.

In today’s podcast, we discuss:

1. The New Wild Card and the Balanced Schedule

2. The Free Agent Pitching Market

3. The Nationals Rotation

4. The Center Field Situation

5. 2012 Predictions

We hope you enjoy the podcast.

Joe Drugan

About Joe Drugan

Joe is the Managing Editor of The Nats Blog and host of the Nats Talk On The Go podcast. He's been blogging about the Nationals since 2010 and with The Nats Blog since 2011.