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Prince Fielder To The Nats? Not So Fast

Tim Dierkes of says that this coming off season, the Washington Nationals will likely not pursuer free agent slugging first baseman Prince Fielder.

He notes that having Michael Morse and Adam LaRoche under contract through 2012 is a big determining factor, and goes on to say that the Nats will likely use funds towards finding a leadoff hitter and center fielder.

Mark Zuckerman of wrote an article earlier this month also discussing the prospect of the Nats going after Fielder, but was also told by team officials that no such push is likely. He cited two reasons for this, one being that Nationals’ GM Mike Rizzo greatly values defense at first base, and Fielder, while competent, is by no stretch of the imagination a defensive wiz.

The other reason being that the Nationals do not want to tie themselves up with contracts in case they need fall back money to re-sign Mr. Walk-off, third baseman Ryan Zimmerman.

However, Fielder’s agent, Scott Boras, has a good relationship with Rizzo and could push for Fielder to engage in talks with Washington. With LaRoche only owed $8 million next season, it wouldn’t be the worst contract to eat, and they could move Morse to left field. However, it would be a very unlikely signing to say the least.