Rob Dibble And Stan Kasten Trade Words As Two Former Nats Stir Controversy

Washington Nationals former color commentator Rob Dibble was a very divisive character during his short stint in Washington. A lot of people, especially bloggers, absolutely hated him for his sometimes seemingly arrogant tone and odd claims. Some fans actually really connected with his us vs. the world mentality.  Either way there was one thing he could always be counted on, and that was stirring controversy.

That attraction to controversy is stirring up Nats Town yet again despite the broadcaster being relieved of his duties with MASN over six months ago.

A Quick Recap Of The Events:

-Dibble said in an interview with Fox Sports that 1. He wasn’t fired by MASN because he’s still receiving a pay check and 2. That the reason he was removed from the broadcast booth was because Stephen Strasburg’s father emailed the Lerners and was offended by what he said.

-Strasburg answered Dibble’s claims on Twitter by saying that his father doesn’t even have the Lerners’ email address, and that he was in fact a fan of Dibble’s.

-Just one day later, former Nationals president Stan Kasten told Adam Kilgore that Dibble’s claim is completely fictional and that he wished Dibble “gets whatever help he needs.”

-Dibble quickly responded with a series of Tweets aimed at Kasten, which were recorded by Nats NQ here.

This latest episode demonstrates perfectly the type of behavior that irked so many Nationals fans during Dibble’s short tenure in Washington. It seems to always follow the same pattern. First Dibble would make an ill-advised comment, not typically based in reality. Then, someone would call him on that claim. Finally, Dibble defends himself in a manor unrelated to the initial incident instead of accepting fault for his words. This is how Dibble deals with these situations in his very own Michael Scott sort of way.