Stephen Strasburg Is (Cliche Warning) In the best shape of his life

Stephen Strasburg during halftime of the San Diego State basketball game on CBS to talk about his former school as well as the progress he’s making in his recovery from Tommy John surgery last fall. The future Nationals ace told Ted Robinson that he was in the best shape of his life:

“I’m definitely in the best shape of my life … Once you start throwing, it’s gonna be a long process just getting your strength back, but I feel great about it and I have a really good feeling that I’m gonna come back at 100 percent. … The surgery’s down to a science, and you’ve just got to do what the doctors tell you.” (via DC Sports Bog).

The “best shape of my life” story has become a running joke among baseball bloggers, as every single year inevitably dozens of veteran players return from a down year making the same claim. It’s been statistically proven to be baseless among those players, although, Strasburg is a bit of a different case. The fact that he is in the best shape of his life tells us:

1. Once his arm is as healthy as his body he will theoretically be better than before.
2. He’s determined as hell to return from an injury that can sometimes demoralize a young starter.
3. Beards give you superman powers
4. He has character…and is doing what he can when he can…he wants to be the best.