Vote for Caitlin Uze for Miss America

I usually refrain from writing personal things on this space, but tonight I’m making an exception. My friend Caitlin Uze, or Katie as we all know her, is currently Miss Virginia and will be in the running for Miss America this weekend when the show airs. This year there is a portion of the selection for Miss America that is a fan vote, so today I am asking you to please take 30 seconds and vote for my friend. There two ways you can vote. You can like her video on Facebook, or on Youtube…that’s all it takes.

In case you needed further convincing, I can personally tell you that there is no other contestant that could deserve this honor more. Katie is one of the sweetest girls you could ever meet, and is a truly caring individual. She is someone who was there for me in a time of need, even when she didn’t have to be, and I can honestly say is a truly good soul. 

So please, vote for Caitlin Uze for Miss America…she deserves it.